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Private Dog Walk
Pet Taxi Service




In your own home; a chance to get to know your furry friends’ requirements.

Specialising in exciting walks for your pooch on a variety of the finest local trails with the option of secure exercise at our Paradise Poochy Play Paddock.  Daycare for your dog whilst you are in the office, travelling or any other pet care requirements, I can come to your home to discuss at a time convenient to you with no obligation.  Zoom option available…


Private Dog Walk


Choose duration and a time to suit you - with luxury transportation & door to door service from your home!

The very best trails for your pooch to enjoy safely with us... including optional Positive Reinforcement Training.  We can work on recall, lead pulling, socialisation, anxiety etc if desired.  On or off the lead, forests, lakes or open spaces - bespoke for what you would like.

Up to 60 mins, 90 mins, 120 mins or more

For the super energetic there is also bikejoring on offer - where we can bomb along together with our mountain bikes & we can teach your dog to run safely at speed behind us covering huge distances...


Pet Taxi Service


A large fully insured 4x4 Land Rover Defender or van with comfortable secure crates of all sizes to transport your loved one(s)

* From hamster size to Great Dane
* Vet visits
* House moves
* Airports
* European Relocation


Paradise Poochy Play Paddocks


Our very own leafy parcel of land with superb facilities for your dog(s) to enjoy right near to Farnham Castle - exclusively for our T4T regular clientelle.

Bespoke and super secure, with acres of space for the ultimate off lead runaround no matter if recall is not 100%


Beautiful sheltered woodland trails to keep cool through the hotter summer months, and drier during a downpour


Plenty of stimulation including games with the frisbees, balls, giggle wiggles, ropes etc

Separate agility area featuring a course with jumps, tunnels, ladders, climbing boards etc

PRT Training for those with a rather mischievous disposition!


Pet Day Care


Your loved one can spend the day in human company at secure house with safe enclosed rear garden & conservatory to chill in; collected & delivered home at times to suit your schedule...

Whilst you are off living your best life, on holiday or simply at work, I can drop in for welfare check, feeding, watering etc, or collect your loved one early morning for a day of personal pet care with me in my home in Ewshot - with optional walking, feeding, grooming, training, games, cuddles!

Paradise Poochy Play Paddocks
Pet Day Care
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